Update 7/26/2014 - Tommy crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. We mourn the loss of our dear, sweet boy and will miss him always. Our world is darker without him.

Mr. Cat by Cosmic Handmade Sleepy Tommy

Tommy may not be the brightest bulb in the box but he's always had a fascination for light. The smallest glimmer catches his eye, and no matter how challenging, he will try to find a way to reach the perceived source. He has fallen out of skylights, jumped for the ceiling, run around in circles, crashed into furniture, and tried to help the exterminator find termites.

He's a sweet boy though, and loves to be held on his back like a baby while he reaches up and gently touches your face with both paws. He doesn't care for canned catfood or cat treats but he goes crazy for beef jerky and cheddar cheese.

His favorite activity, aside from his pursuit of light, is fishing. He sits near or atop the aquarium and puts his paws on the glass, trying to capture the fish as they swim around. Feeding time is especially fun. Tommy gets along well with the other kitties but sometimes likes to chase and torment his sister, Delylah. However, his other sister, Maya, knows how to keep him in line--even though she's smaller than he, she'll always be big sister! Tommy by Christine

Tommy's love of light made him a natural subject for rendering in stained glass by our friend, Christine. You can see his portrait in the background on the heading photo of him snoozing on the high crossbeam, one of his favorite spots in our A-frame home.

Before he was a year old, one of Tommy's canine teeth abscessed and had to be removed. Thus, he acquired one of his many nicknames, Toothless Tommy. Others include Tom Tomr, Tommy Tu-Tone, Tomboy, and Tomcat. He's the youngest MausCat and came to us from Mountainvue Kittens.

Tommy's theme song is Pinball Wizard by The Who

Background by Recycle Bin Graphics. Cameo from Cosmic Handmade. Zodiac cat from Country Delights. Aquarium cat from Cat Stuff.
Tiny Tommy drawing from Cute Prints for You. "Tommy" midi from MusicDinner.com. Stained glass by Christine. Sparky's Adoptions
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