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Update: 7/13/2015 - Our Samson died suddenly and unexpectedly tonight. We our heartbroken over the loss of this happy-go-lucky, laid-back loverboy of a cat but grateful for all of the sweet smiles and memories he's given us for the past 13 years. We love you and miss you darling Sami-Ra.

Samson came to us from Mountainvue Kittens and is the littermate of Moritz. When he was a kitten, we thought he was a smoke but he grew up to be a solid black beauty with big copper eyes. He is a lover boy, like a big goofy teddy bear. He starts purring as soon as you touch him and likes to be "roughed up" - a good rubdown while he rolls on the floor or furniture. He gallups around the house, up and down the spiral staircase and then settles down in "Miami" (under the halogen lamp on Mom's desk) or with his favorite blankie. He truly loves his blankie and yowls loudly when he interacts with it!

Samson doesn't really have any favorite treats; although he is always excited about dinner time (Fancy Feast), he does not snack in between meals or eat table scraps. He also does not seem to be affected by catnip.

Like most cats, Samson loves hiding in boxes and brown paper bags and playing with string toys. He gets along well with most of the others except Dory Alexander, his fierce competitor for "alpha male" and Mom's attention.

Samson is not allowed to go outside because he does not come when he is called. However, he does sneak out occasionally. The best way to get him in is to close the door. He becomes frightened that his "safe" place is cut off from him and vocally begs to come back in. One time he escaped on a pitch black, moonless night. For some reason, he felt safe in the darkness and did not want in when the door was shut. Master Misch was out of town and Mistress Maus was frantic - it took her hours to find and catch the black cat in the darkness!

His name is from the mythical Biblical character, Samson. Because of his love of the warm sun, we nicknamed him Samon-Ra (a takeoff on the mythical Egyptian sun god Amon-Ra), shortened endearingly to Sami-Ra which is what we call him most of the time. Mistress Maus also calls him her Darlin' Boy.

2015 Update: Samson is older and slower now and no longer escapes. He talks more - perhaps the ghost of his brother, Moritz. His new favorite food is Radcat chicken. He still LOVES his blankie. His yowling can be embarrassingly difficult to explain when we have guests, particularly at dinner time. With mommy retired, "Miami" is no longer available, so he spends afternoons napping in the sunlit kitchen doorway with Maya. He also has fun racing around the house with his new brother, Desmond. He and his brother Dory came to terms in later years and mostly learned to ignore each other. When Dory died, he left his Encore box (strategically located next to the open spiral staircase) to Samson. He likes to nap there and get petted by anyone going up or down the stairs. At night, he prefers XBox time with Daddy and sleeps in the bookcase headboard where he purrs us both to sleep.

Samson's theme song is (Let Me Be) Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley

Background and Samson drawing by Recycle Bin Graphics. Cameo from Cosmic Handmade. Zodiac cat from Country Delights.
Tiny Samson drawing from Cute Prints for You. "Teddy Bear" midi sequencer unknown.