Master Misch and Mistress Mausita have lived in a gingerbread house in rural Maryland with their beloved MausCats since 2003. You may meet some of their other woodland friends by reading "The Missing Feast."

In case you think they look a bit older than expected, 1984 is the birth date of the official Mausita and Misch team.

Master Misch is retired from the U.S. Army. As you can see in the banner photo, he began soldiering at a young age! He currently works for the government. Mistress Mausita, aka CCL...crazy cat lady, is a [mostly] retired computer consultant and part time web designer.

Background drawing by Recycle Bin Graphics. Cameos from Cosmic Handmade.
Tiny MausMish and MausCats drawing from Cute Prints for You. Midi sequencer for "That's Amore" unknown.